H Miyazaki


Eminent Curator(connected freinds)in the world  

Abraham Guerrero    Director at Museo Maya de Cancun

  Adrienne Roellgen      Executive Director of Caldwell Arts Council, Executive Board of Directors of Western Arts Agencies of North Carolina

Akiyoshi Hatanaka      MIHO MUSEUM 学芸部長

Alan Boldon      Head of Cultural Engagement and Innovation,College of Arts and Humanities.University of Brighton

Ali Ghanbarian    Publisher and Editor in Chief, SOMA Magazine. President,AKAMarketing Inc.  argt@somamagazin.com

Alvaro Rego    Director at MUMEDI Mexican Museum of Design

Aleksandra Janiszewska  curator in the Collection of Early Modern Paintings in National Museum in Warsaw

Alex Patterson   Assistant Curator of Fine Art at National Museums   Liverpool

Anabeth Guthrie

Chief of Communications - Converged Media at National Gallery of Art

Amy McGann    Head of National Programmes at Royal Opera House イギリス

Andrew D. Weiner    Director at Spaightwood Galleries, Inc.

Anne-Marie Wagener    Director of Press & Public Relationsat Minneapolis Institute ofArts

Anton Cos   Assistant at Gallery Michael Schultz Berlin Seoul Beijing

akim nyakudya  Curator for Education at  National Gallery of  Zimbabwe

Junior Specialist  Modern British Art at Christie's

Amy Noble SeitzCEO & President at Exhibits Development Group

Andreia Sofia Oliveira Garcia    Curator at Theatro Circo

Angelika Ehrhardt-Marschall   Zeitgenossische Kunstlerin und Kuratorin bei Kunsthaus Rheinlicht

Arne Schmidt-Petersen   Curatorial Coordinator at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Azu Nwagbogu    Director and Curator African Artists Foundation

Barbara Dr. Aust-Wegemund     Art Expert Contemporary Art

Bartholomew F. Blandb    Executive Director, Lehman College Art Gallery at Lehman College  City University of New York

Bassant Abu Ali     Head of Design & Exhibitions at Sharjah

Batsheva Goldman-Ida       Curator of Special Projects at Tel Aviv Museum of Art Tel Aviv Area  Israel

Ben White    Project Coordinator, ZNM Project, The British Museum

Benita Tunks    Project Manager at National Museum of Australia

Beth Ann Gerstein   Executive Director at American  Museum of  Ceramic Art

Beth Batton  Research Fellow at Mississippi Museum of Art

Brad Bentoff     Senior Vice President at Sotheby's Inc.

Bridget Finn    Director, Mitchell-Innes & Nash, Chelsea

Burkhard Leismann    Direktor bei Kunst museum Ahlen


Curator atL.D. Museum


Catherine Hess    Chief Curator of European Art at    Huntington Art  Collections