Dear Hiroyuki

I am also happy to become a friend. I would like to tell you that i feel big sorrow for your contry. That is the reason why i have composed a special piece dedicated to the victim of tragedy which i have been performing several times on my concerts any where with a big success. I have also organized a special benefit conceret for your country. The piece has a title Song for Sakura. I keep fingers cross for Japan. I wish good luck to all of you ,Stepan.

Stepan Rak
Hiroyuki Miyazaki,Ir's great to be your friend! ♥ ♥ ♥ A gift for you!!..LoveandLight and Energy!! ♥ Julie tist/fb_share/1083565



Dear Stepan,Great artist
Thank you your hot consideration for Japan's disaster,to the victim.The eastern Japan is still in the crisis.

Dear Julie,Great Artist
Thank you.
I listened to the voice in your heart and I thought of the people who met disaster in Fukushima with tears.
And yes,we got energy from your cheerfulness.