It is proved that the disastrous earthquakeoccurred about 1100 years before, too, in the focal region where the easternJapan, disastrous earthquake brIt is proved that the disastrous earthquakeoccurred about 1100 years before, too, in the focal region where the easternJapan, disastrous earthquake brought about the massive tsunami which is called" the Jougan tsunami " mainly in Miyagi - the Fukushima Prefecturecoastal area,reported in the investigation of the industrial technologyresearch laboratory and so on.As for the tsunami this time which attackeda nuclear power plant of Fukushima Daiichi, Tokyo Electric Power president made" out of the assumption " but the researcher was approaching toreflect the height of the Jougan tsunami about the height of the assumptiontsunami in 2009, at the nuclear power plant , to reconsider itHowever, the Tokyo Electric Power Co.,Inc., and the atomic energy safety and preservation of law and order postponedreconsideration.To that the accumulation layer where theJougan tsunami in 869 left trIt is proved that the massive tsunami occurred in 450 years  before, as known ,Jougan tsunami too.

There is possibility that the Jougan tsunami class occurred in the interval in 450-800.

Okamura Yukinobu, chief of the fortune total Instituteactivefaultandtheearthquakeresearchcenter pressed the reconsideration of the  assumptiontsunamiatthenuclearpower plant,butsays that it wasn't accepted.


The assumption of the tsunami is superficial about the other nuclear power plant, too.

Not to have assumed that flooded by the tsunamidistinguishedbetweenthenuclearpowerplantwhich all the powercompanies except the TokyoElectricPower Co.,Inc.possessaboutbeingflooded by the tsunami that the nuclear powerplantofFukushimaDaiichibecame thecausewhich loses a power, in  the investigationoftheMainichiNewspapers.

The expert points out, saying " the superficiality of the assumption of the tsunami ".

They asked to 14 nuclear power plants which 9 national power companies possess,excludethe Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. aftertheearthquakedisasterinvestigationaboutthetsunami measure.

It assumed the height of the tsunami against the earthquake record in the past and so on,and each electric power Inc. collected a measure.

Tohoku Electric Power's Onagawa nuclear power plant assumes a maximum of 9.1metertsunami.

On the other hand, because the site was in the 14.8 meter height from the surfaceofthesea,it assumed that there was not damage in the land building.

The height of the tsunami which the nuclear power plantreceivedintheearthquakethistimewas unclear, but the tsunami with the nearness of15metersinvadedOnagawafishingport inthe same Miyagi Prefecture .

Having received the warning which is very important improvement advise like this,buttheyhad neglected a preparation measure to the tsunamibroughtabigradioactivitydisastertoJapan as the result.

There, the adhesion of the politics between economic, thearroganceofthecapitalismoftheeconomic top priority, the estimate of the raid ofthedevastatingtsunami, afatallackofimagination are regarded in that process.

The people of knowledge principle, such a thingwhosesurvivingdreadfulexamcompetitionsayalways that never happend or impossible withascareceimagination onthetable space.

It may say that the style of the arrogant heart fornaturalenvironmentbroughtaboutthisresult.

The big disaster this time includes all problems of the human being,andtheseriousnessoftheproblem of the environment is in the status which it isn'tpossibletoholdthe end upintheseeing.